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Rainwater Harvesting Revival | Jersey Gardener

Rainwater Harvesting Revival

June 16, 2012 admin organic gardeningrain barrelwater conservation

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Rainwater harvesting has been practiced since ancient times and in today's green living livestyles, it is making a big revival. Hopefully you are starting to use these green living tips.


Rainwater Harvesting Revival

by James H Duer III

Rainwater harvesting is an ancient practice that is finding a place in the 21st century. Archeological evidence of rainwater harvesting dates back 6000 years in China. There are ruins of cisterns still standing in Israel dating back as early as 2000 B.C. Capturing water is a natural survival instinct that humanity cannot avoid. The need for food, water, and shelter is the same today as it was 6000 years ago.

The world population has reached seven billion with the world's freshwater supply shrinking. Three quarters of the world is covered by water yet only three percent of the water is clean and ready for consumption. It is estimated that between four and five thousand children are dying from dirty water each day. The water consumed by humans must be cleaned and treated or death is inevitable.

Today in the 21st Century we find the world a much smaller place due to technology. Our communication ability has brought our neighbors much closer than ever before. It is easy to know what is happening on the other side of the world. The information age is fueling people to conservation as well as compassion. The awareness of scarcity of clean water is driving us to live green. So what does it mean to live green? Simply put, living green means reducing our impact on the planet by making choices in our day-to-day lives that are healthy for both people and the environment. Recycling at home and at work contributes to living green, as does conserving water and energy. These practices can save us money while at the same time improving our health and overall quality of life.

The Green movement is fueling some of the rainwater harvesting momentum. People are becoming more conscious of the consumption of chemicals and manmade treatment of water. The prevalence of cancer is also causing people to take a good look at the water they are consuming. Rainwater is gaining popularity due its purity. It is also valued for its softness, neutral pH, and does not contain salts, minerals, and other natural and man-made contaminants. Plants thrive on water not processed by man. According to the state of Texas even appliances last longer when free from the corrosive effects of hard water.

There are many benefits to living green. Recycling of water through the process of harvesting rainwater plays a major role. The use of technology through communication is providing an awareness that seems to be moving people to live Green. There is no difference in human needs from now to six thousand years ago. As a people we should have this water recycling figured out by now. It would seem we are on the right track.

We at 21stCentury Gardener recognize the urgency for the recycling of water. Cost effective, energy efficient, low maintenance systems are necessary for the preservation of fresh water. We carry the best system for harvesting rain water on the market. The 21st Century Gardener delights in the participation of all things Green. Our products have been helping fulfill this instinct in people for fifteen years. At 21st Century Gardener we value relationships, quality products, and a job well done.

Article Source: EzineArticles.com

The need for water and water conservation has not change throughout history. Collecting the rain for use on a sunny day, makes a lot of sense.


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