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Rainwater Harvesting Revival

June 16, 2012 admin organic gardeningrain barrelwater conservation

Rainwater harvesting has been practiced since ancient times and in today's green living livestyles, it is making a big revival. Hopefully you are starting to use these green living tips.   Rainwater Harvesting Revival by James H Duer III Rainwater harvesting is an ancient practice that is finding a place in the 21st century. Archeological […]


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How to make a Rain Barrel

June 9, 2012 admin irrigationorganic gardeningrain barrelVegetable gardenswater conservation

How to Make a Rain Barrel There are a variety of imaginative rain barrel systems accessible nowadays and they vary in style as well as expense. How to make a rain barrel is easy. Although a rain barrel can be anything that you may gather rainstorm water in for later use in the organic garden. […]


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