tropical Bonsai

Bonsai basics become a peaceful obsession.

June 9, 2012 admin BonsaiBonsai treestropical Bonsai

Bonsai basic will help you get started growing and enjoying bonsai trees. The art of bonsai has been praticed for centuries. A little tree can give you a new outlook and something to meditate on.    Bonsai basics become a peaceful obsession for initiates Kansas City Star “Something happens when you plant a tree in […]


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African Jade Bonsai Tree

October 17, 2009 Joe Jadejade treetropical Bonsai

Here is one of my larger Bonsai. This is an african jade also know as elephant toes. Most of  my trees are outdoor Bonsai, though this one can’t be allowed to freeze. Many of the trees that you see in the malls this time of year are tropical bonsai, so if you are considering purchasing one or  […]



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