Bonsai Tip Of The Day: Leaf Pruning

June 25, 2007 Joe BonsaiBonsai trees

June is the month to prune you Maple trees, Birch, Hornbeam and other deciduous trees. What I do at this time is take off all the leaves. Why, you may be asking? Well when you remove the leaves off the tree you are forcing the tree to grow new ones. When the leaves grow back there will be more leaves and they will be smaller. This adds to the scale of your tree. Fall color will also be more intense. When starting out it is best to practice on more common trees, that won’t suffer too much from our mistakes.
After some practice leaf pruning, it is time to move on to your maples, birch and hornbeam.  Late may into early June is a busy time here in the Jersey Garden. With lots of leaf pruning it almost looks like autumn clean up time.  So practice your leaf pruning, but only in the right season for your tree. Here in New Jersey that time period is May through early July. After a few years of doing this you will have a awesome Bonsai trees. You will look like a master Bonsai Guru. Here are a series of pictures to show you what to do….

Tropical bonsai like this Ficus can benefit from leaf pruning almost any time of the year. Pruning the leaves is just the first step, the next is very important, providing an optimum growing environment. With my tropical trees I have pruned some 2 and 3 times a year, although I recommend just once a year, I have seen excellent results.

bonsaibonsai leaf pruning

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